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New Distribution Capability has Arrived


Why is New Distribution Capability (NDC) a big deal?

NDC is a game changer for corporate travellers and travel managers alike, and that change is coming right now.

For travellers NDC makes booking corporate travel as rich an experience as it is booking leisure travel on the airline websites.

For travel managers NDC allows greater customisation of corporate fares and inclusions, and it brings ancillary spend into the managed travel program delivering greater control and visibility. 

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NDC explained

Watch this 2-minute NDC Explainer Video to understand what NDC means for corporate travel.

The bottom line? A travel booking experience as friction-less as airline websites, customised corporate airfare offers and greater control and visibility around total cost of air travel. 



How well understood is NDC?

Most people in the travel industry are unsure what NDC is all about, so you can imagine the hilarious answers we got when we polled people in the street about what NDC might stand for...

Need Dance Classes? 

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What will NDC mean for corporates?

Keynote: This short video outlines the practical implications for corporate travellers and travel managers from NDC.

(4 mins)

Qantas and NDC

Keynote: On 1 August Qantas will be going live with the Qantas Channel, bringing NDC fares and inclusions to corporate travel. Find out what this will mean for you. 

(11 mins)

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NDC eBook - Why NDC is a big deal for corporate travel

Why do corporate travel managers need to prepare for NDC?

Download this guide to understand:

-   How NDC is going to change corporate travel

-   What NDC means for Travel Buyers and their programs

-   Recommendations to prepare your travel program for NDC



See NDC in action

Keynote: Watch Serko's CEO Darrin Grafton deliver a practical demonstration of the online booking process with NDC.

(6 mins)

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Southwest Airlines selects Zeno as launch partner for NDC Content

Zeno will be the first online booking tool to provide Southwest content via the ATPCO New Distribution Capability (NDC) Exchange. Under the agreement with Southwest, Zeno clients will be able to shop, book, ticket and change Southwest Airlines flights. Importantly, the connection also allows the purchase of EarlyBird Check-In during the initial bookings as well as post ticketing.

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IATA's perspective: why NDC?

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA. Hear directly from Yanik Hoyles, Director NDC program at IATA to understand:

- Why NDC?

- Where is NDC at?

- What does it mean for corporates? 


United's Mike Fitzgerald talks the ABCs of NDC

Watch Serko's Tony D'Astolfo and United Airlines' Mike Fitzgerald provide a practical overview of NDC and how it is impacting the
travel industry.

(19 mins)

 NDC for travel buyers
 NDC for Travel Buyers

If you haven’t paid attention to NDC yet, it’s time to take a deeper look, as it has the potential to give travel managers unparalleled control over your travel spend.


NDC for corporate travellers

Business travellers have had to live with the frustration of a corporate booking experience that was way behind what they could get through the airline website. All that is about to change.


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