Corporate expense management

Simplify expenses and the month-end scramble

From receipt capture to expense submission, approvals and back office tasks, Zeno automates the entire expense management process for simple financial control.

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Capture spend as it happens

Travelers capture receipts on the fly and email or upload invoices for real-time expensing.

Let Zeno do the data entry

Receipts are auto-matched to credit card transactions, and information like vendor, amount, date and tax breakdown are automatically extracted, which reduces tedious data entry time. Drag and drop reconciliation aligns unmatched receipts to expense line items in seconds.

Streamline approvals

Multi-level approvers can be set up in Zeno, and they can approve items directly by email or in the Zeno app. If anything out of corporate travel policy gets submitted, approvers get proactively notified so they don’t have to hunt for potential issues.

Say goodbye to month-end madness

With Zeno, individual expense item submission means expenses are always on. So the month-end expense claim grind can be a thing of the past.

Expense on the go in the Zeno app

Everyone can use the Zeno app to speed up expenses. Travelers can capture and submit receipts wherever they are, and approvers can review claims when they’re out and about too. The app offers automatic status updates throughout the process.

It's easy to email or upload receipts
Submit travel business expenses effortlessly with Zeno's expense management software
Approve claims 24/7
Notifications keep you up to date