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More than 2 million options

Find the perfect room for your travelers and your travel policy, with over 2 million hotel rooms that can be filtered by price, rating, location or brand. Listings are sourced from the GDS, direct suppliers, aggregators like Booking.com, and more, while offering a wide variety of property types.


Corporate negotiated rates

Your own corporate negotiated rates can be prioritized and compared against other supplier rates to ensure you get the best rate of the day on every search, with access to additional availability when your preferred rate is sold out. Travelers can be encouraged to make cost saving selections throughout the booking process with potential savings highlighted at point of purchase and through the approval process.


More control over your travel program

Zeno’s intelligent recommendations help to drive hotel program adoption and encourage cost savings, all while incorporating traveler preferences and booking history. This helps increase the number of in-policy bookings, reduce leakage, and fulfill duty of care obligations.

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Streamlined booking

Drive adoption with personalized results based on traveler preference within company policy. Travelers get flexibility of choice, ease of use, and detailed listings that help them make informed decisions faster –­­ with personalized travel options and the ability to add loyalty programs to bookings.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guide for Travel Managers

Few incidents in modern times have been as impactful to corporate travel as Coronavirus. 

Ensuring the well-being of travelers is a key function of the corporate travel manager, but how can they balance risk management with effective movement of people?

We've put together 5 key recommendations that travel managers can implement immediately. 

Download the guide now to get your travel program prepared.

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