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Train, plane, or train and plane – it's all part of the connected trip



Connect multiple travel options in a single booking

Zeno gives travelers the freedom to book a train and a flight all in one unified itinerary, so they can choose the best mode of transport to suit their needs, there and back.

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Centralize all modes of travel

Get complete visibility of all modes of travel from a single platform. Bring rail bookings into your online booking tool for integrated approval workflows, less time spent booking on direct sites, and more streamlined travel spend.

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Get your travelers on board

With Zeno, travelers can book a return train, return flight, or train and flight together in one unified itinerary. With flexible ticketing  fulfilment options and the ability to request seat locations or amenities, travelers enjoy a world-class booking experience.

Integrated Travel & Expense
Cost efficient and eco-friendly

Making it easy for travelers to choose eco-friendly travel options helps to reduce your travel program’s overall carbon emissions. Plus, booking rail in Zeno surfaces potential savings alerts to encourage cost savings at the point of purchase.

One-stop shop for all UK rail operators and more

Zeno has partnered with Evolvi to bring world-class rail options to corporate travelers across the UK. Combined with a marketplace of leading flight, accommodation, transfer and rental car suppliers, travelers get more choice, and travel managers reduce out-of-policy bookings all from one easy, intuitive platform.

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