NDC 101: What travel buyers need to know

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What NDC is not: An abstract concept surrounding the way data is communicated.
What NDC is: A game changer for corporate travelers and travel managers.

It’s a commonly held misconception that NDC primarily benefits airlines. In reality, NDC serves everyone in the travel chain by presenting a higher level of information and a wider range of content that allows for more choices and better service.

NDC brings airline extras, like baggage and preferred seating into the booking process so that travelers don’t have to hop from OBT to the supplier site to make their desired travel arrangements. Instead, everything is rolled into one simple step.

The shift toward NDC has been gaining momentum, even amid the financial challenges created by COVID-19. New deals and connections materialized in the back half of 2020 and air carriers that took steps pre-crisis to set up direct channels, including Qantas with its Qantas Channel, have been more resilient and better positioned to develop direct benefits for customers.

If you’re looking to future-proof your business, NDC shouldn’t be ignored. This change doesn’t have to be hard; focus on the positive impact it could have on you as a travel buyer. Here’s what NDC offers:

Increased adoption. By improving the online booking experience and providing an enhanced service to the traveler, NDC helps boost OBT adoption.

Time saved. NDC decreases the time your travelers spend searching for the best deal to suit their needs, making your workforce and travel program more efficient.

Better cost visibility. Richer OBT data makes it easier for travel bookers to determine the total cost of a trip.

Informed negotiations. More visibility into the true cost of air travel, including ancillaries, means greater insight and stronger negotiating power with supplier partners.

Firmer controls. Increased understanding of true spend enables you to place better controls on what can and can’t be purchased.

Happier travelers. Trying to deliver a one-size-fits-all policy to a group of travelers with unique needs and desires becomes a thing of the past.

With NDC capability, Zeno allows for a single transaction, which cuts down on booking time, improves traveler experience, and increases visibility into actual spend. Zeno is the first corporate booking tool to become NDC level 3 certified, an important step in helping customers embrace the future of travel.

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