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Flexible airline sourcing

Zeno’s flexible content engine can mix and match flight options from the GDS, via NDC and through direct API connections. Intelligent recommendations for each sector are based on corporate policy, traveler preferences and booking history. Travelers get more choice and a better booking experience overall, driving adoption and increasing in-policy bookings.


Frictionless booking

With Zeno, travelers can easily compare different flight options with rich content that displays options in the exact format as airline sites. This familiarity of fares and icons eliminates cognitive friction and means there is no need to visit other sites for more streamlined bookings up to 53% faster than the previous generation of online booking tools.

Routehappy v2

Richer flight information

Travelers can select a flight that’s right for them with all the information they need in one place. Aircraft amenities cover seat pitch, aircraft layout, WiFi, in-seat power and more so you know what to expect. Fare inclusion details include in-flight service, changes and cancellation information to avoid surprises while arrivals on time and average delay stats help choose a flight that will get you there on time.


No more lost fares

Credits from unused airline tickets are surfaced in Zeno so they can easily be applied to future bookings, encouraging cost saving decisions and reducing the number of lost fares.


ARM index certified

On 19 May 2022, Serko (Zeno by Serko) was granted "Airline Retailing Maturity" status as a seller, under the ARM index Program. This status recognizes Serko's capabilities within airline retailing as enabled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Enhanced and Simplified Standards.


All bases are covered

Airline inventory is sourced through all of the main Global Distribution Systems (GDS) around the globe as well as direct connections and NDC. Zeno was the first Travel and Expense platform in the world to be certified Level 3 by IATA.  

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Built for an NDC future

NDC (New Distribution Capability) offers a richer airline retail experience, connecting travelers to an airline’s unique product offerings while bringing more choice, personalization and transparency when it comes to booking trips. Zeno supports NDC for major airlines around the world and continues to expand this offering.  

Regional Express

Integrated Partners

Zeno direct connects with a range of partners via their API to provide ultimate flexibility and choice when it comes to airline services and travel destinations. This means higher adoption, better visibility into spend, and more in-policy bookings for travel managers.


Low Cost Carriers

Zeno’s partnership with TravelFusion offers a range of low cost carrier airline options to businesses in Europe with the same great rich content and booking experience, while bringing more flexibility when it comes to airline price options.

COVID-19 Cover

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guide for Travel Managers

Few incidents in modern times have been as impactful to corporate travel as Coronavirus. 

Ensuring the well-being of travelers is a key function of the corporate travel manager, but how can they balance risk management with effective movement of people?

We've put together 5 key recommendations that travel managers can implement immediately. 

Download the guide now to get your travel program prepared.
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