An uncompromising user experience

Infused with artificial intelligence and inherently intuitive, Zeno a delivers a jaw-dropping user experience that drives adoption rates.

Booking experience

Personalized travel booking

Traveler preferences, company travel program and past bookings inform the recommended itinerary for a smarter, more personal experience.

WalkMe in-built training

WalkMe in-built training simplifies and enhances the user experience within Zeno with guided walk-throughs and improvement notifications.

Travel arranger booking

Travel bookers or arrangers can book on behalf of other travelers with workflows that make it easy to book multiple passengers.

Multi-passenger and guest traveler bookings

Bookers can seamlessly add multiple travelers – including guests – plus allocate cars and hotels for all travelers in one place, while creating individual PNR bookings for each person.


Zeno enables new employees to self-register onto the booking tool.

Profile management

Travelers can easily maintain their own traveler profiles including frequent flyer details, passport details, seating, meal and hotel preferences.

Self booking

Zeno's intuitive user interface makes it easy for travelers to search, book and manage their own trips, reducing administrative overhead costs.

Intuitive user experience

Zeno's intuitive interface offers the familiar experience of booking directly on airline or leisure travel sites, reducing friction for new users and increasing adoption rates.

Conversational booking

Zeno's conversational interface makes bookings easier and more accessible, by taking the user through a series of simple questions to book their trip.

Flexible payment selection

Zeno enables multiple cards to be used to pay for different elements of an itinerary. As an example, one card can be used for flights and a different card for hotel payment.

Unified itinerary

Zeno’s ecosystem of suppliers can be customized to each corporate’s requirements to keep your travelers connected across every phase of Travel; Fly, Stay, Move, Eat, Play, Work and Rest.

Unified itinerary

Multi-source content engine

Zeno’s approach to sourcing and displaying content goes well beyond other OBTs by pulling in content from suppliers directly, as well as from NDC, GDS and multiple hotel content aggregators. Travelers and bookers can review flights, including ancillary content, accommodation and transport details the same way they appear on supplier websites, to help make more informed travel decisions on the spot.

Consumer-style display

Zeno’s familiar, consumer-grade site experience, conversational booking and modern UX makes it easy for even inexperienced users to pick up. This reduces the likelihood of travelers booking out of policy for more streamlined bookings.

Single screen itinerary

Zeno's single interface for Air, Rail, Hotel, Rental Car and Airport Transfer streamlines the search and booking process and gives a single view of the entire trip.

Rich airline content

With Zeno, travelers can easily compare different flight options with rich content that displays options in the exact format as airline sites.

Travelers can select a flight that’s right for them with all the information they need in one place. Aircraft amenities cover seat pitch, aircraft layout, WiFi, in-seat power and more so you know what to expect. Fare inclusion details include in-flight service, changes and cancellation information to avoid surprises while arrivals on time and average delay stats help choose a flight that will get you there on time.

Enhanced seat maps & seat selection

Carrier-specific seat maps are available in Zeno.

Where the airline and route support seat selection, the specific seats can be selected using the seat map. In some instances, the seat map will also include pre-paid seating options.

In the instance that a seat map is not available, travelers can still send through their preference of an aisle or window seat through as a request to the airline.

Airline merchandising within booking workflow

Travelers can select options for additional items including baggage, meals or priority boarding where supported by the airline.


Zeno gives travelers access to millions of properties that can be filtered by price, rating, location or brand. Listings are sourced from the GDS, direct suppliers, aggregators like, and more, while offering a wide variety of property types including hotels, apartments, B&Bs and more.

Your own corporate negotiated rates can be compared against other supplier rates to ensure you get the best rate of the day on every search. Travelers can be encouraged to make cost saving selections throughout the booking process with potential savings highlighted at point of purchase and through the approval process.

Rental cars

All major rental car providers can be booked through Zeno, with preferred options based on your corporate travel policy and traveler preferences.

Express checkout

Zeno's intelligent suggestions reduce the amount of friction and clicks, with the ability to 'Express Checkout' and complete a booking in under two minutes.

End-to-end itineraries

Zeno keeps travelers connected with your suppliers from pick-up to drop-off. Travel program managers can customize the marketplace to preferred vendors in each category, making life on the road easier for travelers and maximizing corporate negotiated rate value.

Pre and post-travel ticket changes

As travel disruption becomes the new normal, travelers need the flexibility to make travel changes online. Zeno allows you to change individual itinerary elements before or after tickets are issued*.

* Changes and cancellations to bookings are subject to supplier and fare conditions and are only available where supported by your travel management company.

Itinerary email with calendar details

Once a booking is completed, Zeno sends an email to the traveler that synchs the itinerary with their calendar.

Zeno for mobile

It’s now easier than ever for travelers to book their entire trip, from anywhere. With the Zeno mobile app, they can simply select their destination of choice, travel dates, and preferred arrival and departure times in a matter of seconds.

Zeno for mobile

Mobile app

Zeno's native mobile app is free to download on iOS or Android and lets travelers book and manage their travel wherever they want, whenever they want. With bookings at the tap of the screen, detailed itineraries, and real-time alerts, Zeno Mobile keeps travelers in the know and minimizes the disruption that so frequently comes with corporate travel. 


Travel concierge

Zeno Mobile’s Travel Concierge is a real-time travel assistant that activates 24 hours prior to a flight, presenting vital information along the journey as it’s needed. To keep travelers prepared, it surfaces a 5-day weather forecast and CitySafe rating—with further details about the area—for their upcoming travel destination.

The Travel Concierge on-time calculator determines when a person should leave for the airport based on GPS location, local traffic, and the traveler’s arrival time preferences.

Pre and post ticket changes, on the go

As travel disruption becomes the new normal, travelers need the flexibility to make travel changes online, on the fly. Zeno for mobile makes it easy to change individual itinerary elements on the go, before or after tickets are issued*.

* Changes and cancellations to bookings are subject to supplier and fare conditions and are only available where supported by your travel management company.

Ask Zeno chatbot

Zeno's chatbot booking engine makes our intuitive interface even easier to use, eliminating the need for user training and ensuring travelers hit the ground running. Making a travel booking will become as simple as saying or typing "Zeno, book my trip".

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Traveler safety & wellbeing

Zeno's comprehensive suite of safety features support your duty of care requirements and ensure a safe and effective travel program for your stakeholders.


Spend control

Zeno supports you in reducing total program spend with intelligent features that drive policy compliance and optimize travel spend without compromising traveler preferences.


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