Spend Control

Zeno supports you in reducing total program spend with intelligent features that drive policy compliance and optimize travel spend.

Spend Optimizaton

Trip budget

Trip Budget enables organizations to configure maximum spend amounts on business travel and require approval wherever the total cost of air, hotel or car booking exceeds that amount.

Trip budget amounts can be configured based on Policy Type, Policy Category and Traveler Profile Custom fields.

Shortlist for 'best match' within company policy

Zeno will recommend options that fit a traveler's preferences and that are in line with corporate travel policy.

Potential savings

Zeno calculates and presents the potential savings from the cheapest available option and highlights this with a prompt to select.

Unused credit utilization

Where travel plans need to be canceled or rescheduled, Zeno stores canceled flight purchases as unused ticket credits*. These are surfaced within the booking flow in the future, automatically applying unused tickets and credits for the next booking – reducing the risk of lost fares.

Booking lead time

Zeno enables you to configure a business rule requiring minimum lead time before travel in order to maximize early booking savings and discourage last minute travel.

Export to third party systems

Itinerary and trip cost details can be exported to third party systems such as procurement, finance and expense platforms.


Seamless compliance

Zeno's integrated approvals and cost-saving workflows reduce travel related administration overheads and ensure seamless policy compliance.

Seamless compliance

Contextual policy application

Zeno enables traveller profiles to be linked to one or more travel policies. This allows for policies to be created for specific groups of travellers within a company and restricts the available policies during the booking process.

Zeno then has the smarts to automatically apply a policy to a trip booking based on contextual factors pertaining to the booking such as destination and employee type.

Frictionless approval workflows

Zeno allows organizations to simplify the approvals workflow and align travel approval with the expense approvals workflow. With a single workflow for all trip expenses, approvals happen faster, which is good for travelers and managers.

Multi-level approvals

Set up multiple levels of approvals, and route expense reports according to a variety of parameters. Business managers can approve items directly from an email notification, the desktop application, or via the mobile app. Escalation settings can be configured for delayed approvals.

Dynamic approvals

Zeno supports multi-tier approval workflows that can be dynamically assigned based on trip parameters. While low-risk travel (e.g. domestic) can follow your standard authorization process, high-risk or international travel can be configured to automatically require multiple approvers such as regional leaders or HR to minimize risk and ensure the right people are informed.

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Traveler safety & wellbeing

Zeno's comprehensive suite of safety features support your duty of care requirements and ensure a safe and effective travel program for your stakeholders.


User experience

Infused with artificial intelligence and inherently intuitive, Zeno a delivers a superior user experience that drives adoption rates and reduces out-of-policy bookings.


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