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Local & Global Offset Portfolio

The Local and Global Offset Portfolio is made up of four project types that span Australia, New Zealand and other international locations.

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TEM_Australian Carbon Projects (RESTRICTED USE)

Australian Carbon Projects

Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory is prone to extreme, devastating wildfires that affect the landscape, people, plants and animals. These projects are owned exclusively by Aboriginal people with custodial responsibility for those parts of Arnhem Land under active bushfire management. Local rangers conduct controlled burns early in the dry season to reduce fuel on the ground and establish a mosaic of natural firebreaks, preventing bigger, hotter and uncontrolled wildfires later in the season.

The projects provide employment and training opportunities for local rangers while supporting Aboriginal people in returning to, remaining on and managing their country. Communities are supported in the preservation and transfer of knowledge, the maintenance of Aboriginal languages and the wellbeing of traditional custodians.


New Zealand Projects

Located across New Zealand, these projects establish forests to capture and store carbon. Protecting forests also reduces erosion, helps to clean waterways, provides sustainable income for local communities and secures precious habitat and food sources for native wildlife. Establishing forests to connect existing areas of vegetation also creates green corridors, allowing animals to move across the landscape.

Working with landholders, the projects have introduced a diversified income stream for landholders, enabling their properties to generate income from protecting the carbon stored within the trees.



Wind Projects

Across India, wind farms introduce clean energy to the grid which would otherwise be generated by coal-fired power stations. Wind power is clean in two ways: it produces no emissions and also avoids the local air pollutants associated with fossil fuels. Electricity availability in the regions have been improved, reducing the occurrence of blackouts across the area.

The projects support national energy security and strengthen rural electrification coverage. In constructing the turbines new roads were built, improving accessibility for locals. The boost in local employment by people engaged as engineers, maintenance technicians, 24-hour on-site operators and security guards also boosts local economies and village services.

TEM_Rainforest projects (RESTRICTED USE)

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Projects across South America, Oceania and Africa protect millions of hectares of native forests which secure wildlife habitat and support local communities. For example, projects across Peru protect large, in-tact expanse of rainforest that would otherwise be cleared, preventing the release of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Protecting the forests secures the carbon stored within the organic matter. ​

These projects diversify landholder income and put a value on retaining the forests by supporting sustainable agroforestry including cocoa ​and coffee production. In addition to reducing emissions, ​protecting rainforests secures vital habitat for millions ​of endemic and endangered rainforest species of ​animals and plants.

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