Mission Zero makes sustainability easy by helping to reduce and then offset carbon emissions.


Sustainable Choices

Mission Zero displays the carbon emissions associated with all flight options, taking into account the seat class and aircraft type making it easy to identify and select more sustainable booking choices. To make a difference on the ground it also supports the prioritization of  rental car options to hybrid and battery electric  vehicles.


Integrated Carbon Offset

An integrated offset program calculates emissions and directs funds to world-class, impactful environmental projects aligned to your preferences. An accurate calculation of the carbon impact and associated offset is displayed on the booking confirmation screen, informing the traveler that the trip has been covered by the corporate’s offset program.

This is facilitated by integration with BlueHalo® provided by Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM).



A partner that delivers unrivaled carbon market expertise

Serko has partnered with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) to integrate BlueHalo®, an end-to-end technology solution that enables travelers and businesses to offset their travel. Through this partnership, Zeno can instantly calculate and offset the emissions of the journey. TEM’s ability to provide granular, dynamic carbon offset data based on choice of fare, gives Zeno customers the ability to build a robust carbon offset program and further drive sustainable choices within their businesses.

How Mission Zero supports meaningful change to your travel program:

Intelligent Data

Data is calculated based on the actual flight chosen and the fare class to accurately reflect the real-world emissions impact and enable comparative shopping for more sustainable solutions. 

Relevant Impact

Serko has partnered with TEM to create tailored carbon offset portfolios that span renewable energy, forest regeneration and community-driven initiatives.

Verified Programs

The Mission Zero program's carbon offset projects are all accredited under a strict third-party verification standard. These standards have a rigorous set of rules and requirements to ensure each project delivers real, permanent, and additional benefits.

5 Steps to Make Your Travel Program More Sustainable

Companies around the globe have woken up to the need to reduce their carbon footprints, particularly when it comes to business travel.

Wanting to be more sustainable is easy — putting it into practice can be a lot harder.

To help you find your way, this guide outlines five steps you can take to get your travel program on a path to net zero carbon emissions.



What is a carbon offset?

One carbon offset represents one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere. A carbon offset is created by either a) removing one tonne of emissions from the atmosphere by for example planting forests, or b) preventing one tonne of emissions from reaching the atmosphere by for example replacing a fossil-fuel burning power plant with a wind farm.

How does carbon offsetting work for flights?

As planes fly they burn fuel that releases greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. We have calculated the emissions for each flight offered by a carrier and as a passenger you can offset your share of these emissions. We then pass your offset contribution to verified carbon offset projects around the world that mitigate climate change, protect wildlife and nourish communities.

We have an existing carbon offset program, how would the Zeno offering work with that?

The Zeno Mission Zero offset program offers portfolios of investments verified to the highest international standards, that deliver measurable benefits to people and the planet. These have been tailored to business travel customers and can be invested in alongside your general business operations offsets.

What are the carbon offset programs that Zeno Mission Zero offers?

Zeno Mission Zero provides customers with a choice between two high impact project portfolios:

Global Portfolio

  • Wind projects
  • REDD+  (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Australia, New Zealand & Global Portfolio

  • Australian carbon projects
  • New Zealand Projects (NZUs)
  • Global Renewable Energy Projects
  • REDD+  (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Do individual travelers have to pay for the offset at time of booking like on airline websites?

No, the offset is managed at a corporate level. Travelers are able to see the carbon offset calculation at the time of booking along with the environmental programs that the offset portfolio is investing in.

What if a booking is subsequently changed or cancelled?

Zeno will only offset the emissions from your booking after a trip has occurred to allow for any travel changes or cancellations

How do we access offset reporting and certifications?

Customers can access their offsetting reporting through the BlueHalo ‘Neso’ reporting suite. Within Neso, you can download reports on your organization's previous carbon calculations and the volumes of offsetting done to date. Customers can also access their formal retirement certificates as proof of their commitment to carbon neutral travel. 

Will emission data and carbon offsetting be available for accommodation and other modes of travel?

Yes, these enhancements are currently part of the production suite being coordinated by Serko and TEM and will be released at a later date.

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