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Zeno Omnia

OMNIA's chosen partner for Expense Management

As the USA's largest and most experienced organization in procurement and supply chain management, OMNIA Partners brings an extensive portfolio of solutions and partnerships to thousands of enterprise corporations, Fortune 1000 companies, private businesses, manufacturers and distributors. 

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A trusted solutions provider

Have confidence in your Expense Management solution while unlocking preferential benefits and business services from a trusted provider.

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Exclusive rates

OMNIA Partners unites industry-leading buying power with world class suppliers like Zeno to offer pre-negotiated rates and value-driven pricing.

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Lessen the pain of supply chain risk by streamlining your procurement processes, bringing value to your business faster with dependable solutions.


How does Zeno work?

Zeno Expense streamlines the capture of spend and approvals, automates processes, and removes the need for month-end reports. See how in this 1-minute walkthrough. 

Capture spend as it happens

Use the mobile app to capture receipts on the fly and email or upload invoices for real-time expensing.

Intelligent automation

Powerful cloud processing extracts key data like vendor, amount, date and tax breakdown to remove data entry.

Goodbye month-end reports

Say goodbye to the monthly expense claim grind with line-item submission for real-time expense processing.

Streamlined approvals

Business managers approve items directly from email or in the app, with intelligent out of policy notifications.

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Why Zeno Expense?

Immediate control

Set up your expense policies and approval levels, and expense submissions will be routed accordingly. Business managers can approve items directly from an email, desktop, or via the mobile app. Escalation settings can be configured for out of policy approvals.

Real-time visibility

Corporate card transactions are pulled in from your nominated bank or financial institution and matched automatically with the correct receipt, so reconciliation becomes an always-on process that's all done in a couple of minutes.

Mobile friendly

From the app, Zeno users can capture receipts and submit expenses, and managers can review expense claims on the go. No more hanging on to receipts, no more laborious expense claims, and users get automatic status updates throughout the workflow.

Risk management

Zeno provides managers, approvers and finance teams with a full suite of analysis tools that help them to run their budgets more effectively, identify problem areas, and optimizing expense policies.

Policy enforcement

Policy controls are configurable down to the individual user level, and Zeno automatically detects out-of-policy expense items and flags them for easy identification by approvers.

No room for fraud

Duplicate expense identification flags expenses that are potentially duplicate, to catch mistakes or potential fraud before expense submission.

COVID-19 Flyer

Does your business have the spend controls to survive COVID-19?

In light of this synchronised global slowdown, now is the time to ensure business spending and reconciliation processes are in place to make sure you're in control as cash-flow dwindles and balance sheets come under pressure.

Download your free guide to:

- Help tighten your cash management today, not in 30 days
- Find ways to wipe out the temptation for employee fraud
- Help tighten your approval thresholds
- Develop work from home friendly expense processes


A solution you can trust

Customers in 35+ countries rely on our expense solutions to streamline claims, optimise corporate spending and ensure effective governance.

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