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Corporate travel has changed.

As travel routes start to open up, ensuring the health and well-being of travelers and providing them with reassurance and confidence is more important than ever for the corporate travel manager.

Now more than ever, intelligent technology can ensure a safe and effective travel program with Zeno's suite of COVID-19 features.


Dynamic authorization levels

Zeno supports multi-tier approval workflows that can be dynamically assigned based on trip parameters. While low-risk travel (e.g. domestic) can follow your standard authorization process, high-risk or international travel can be configured to automatically require multiple approvers such as regional leaders or HR to minimize risk and ensure the right people are informed.


Restrict travel to high risk zones

Zeno's policy configuration lets you easily deactivate booking requests to specific airports, cities, or countries, and reactivate them as risk conditions return to acceptable levels for business travel. 


Track your travelers at a glance

The Zeno Dashboard visually tracks all current and upcoming trips for your travelers, making it easy to identify potential risks. As COVID-19 rapidly changes conditions around the globe, this is a simple way to view any travelers heading into potentially risky areas that may have been safe when the booking was originally made.


Enhanced data to make the safest choice

Airlines are increasing booking flexibility and putting processes in place to ensure customer health and safety through seat spacing, enhanced sanitary measures, screenings and security. This information is integrated into Zeno in a uniform, easy to compare interface powered by ATPCO's Reassurance UPAs.

As the airline landscape changes, these illustrative graphics with messaging are clearly displayed in Zeno’s flight options to help travelers make the best choice for them and to feel safe and protected when they fly. 


Ensure airlines meet your safety standards

Get even richer data on COVID-19 measures with ATPCO Routehappy Structured Reassurance UPAs.

Aircraft cleaning, mask requirements, temperature checks, passenger capacity, seat spacing for flights and Covid-19 testing and vaccine requirements can all be reviewed at the point of purchase to make more informed flight purchase decisions, give travelers clearer understanding and reassurance, and ensure the safety and wellness standards of your travel program are being met. 


Stay on top of credits

Where travel plans need to be canceled or rescheduled, Zeno stores canceled flight purchases as unused ticket credits. These are surfaced within the booking flow in the future, automatically applying unused tickets and credits for the next booking – reducing the risk of lost fares.


Dealing with changes and cancellations on the fly

As travel disruption becomes the new normal, travelers need the flexibility to make travel changes online, on the fly. In available regions, Zeno makes it easy to change individual itinerary elements before or after tickets are issued, subject to supplier conditions.

Hotel health and hygiene

Sleep easy with safe accommodation options

Let your travelers book with confidence and have peace of mind knowing accommodation options are being thoroughly sanitized for your travelers. 

Zeno visually highlights properties that are taking extra health and hygiene measures to prioritiztraveler safety and wellbeing.


Seamless compliance with contact tracing requirements

To support passenger contact tracing requirements, all required personal information fields are now mandatory within the guest traveler booking form in Zeno.

Zeno’s intuitive user interface can pull this data from the traveler profile, and where information is incomplete, will prompt for the required data to be added before the booking can be confirmed. The same process occurs for any Guest Traveler bookings where required data fields are captured at the time of booking.


Coronavirus guide for travel managers

Few events in modern times have been as impactful to corporate travel as Coronavirus. We’ve put together 5 key recommendations that travel managers can implement immediately to ensure the wellbeing of travelers and minimize risk within their corporate travel program.

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