Traveler safety & wellbeing

Zeno's comprehensive suite of safety features support your duty of care requirements and ensure a safe and effective travel program for your stakeholders.

Traveler safety & risk management

Restrict travel to high risk zones

Zeno's policy configuration lets you easily deactivate booking requests to specific airports, cities, or countries, and reactivate them as risk conditions return to acceptable levels for business travel.


Review the COVID-19 travel and safety requirements of a interstate and international trip at point of sale.

The following information can be reviewed based on passport country of origin and vaccination status:

  • Destination entry restrictions
  • COVID-19 testing and safety requirements
  • Quarantine requirements
  • Visa and other documentation requirements

Property health & hygiene measures

Zeno enables travelers to make more informed booking decisions by visually highlighting properties that are taking extra health and hygiene measures to prioritize traveler safety and wellbeing.

Traveler tracking

The Zeno Dashboard visually tracks all current and upcoming trips for your travelers, making it easy to identify potential risks. As COVID-19 rapidly changes conditions around the globe, this is a simple way to view any travelers heading into potentially risky areas that may have been safe when the booking was originally made.

Restrict travelers

Organizations may look to minimize risk by limiting the number of employees including VIPs who can travel together. Zeno enables organizations to configure thresholds for the number of employees and / or VIPs that can travel on a single flight, and then block any bookings that exceed those thresholds.

Contact tracing

Zeno supports seamless compliance with contact tracing requirements by ensuring all necessary traveler information is complete before a booking can be confirmed.

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Spend control

Zeno supports you in reducing total program spend with intelligent features that drive policy compliance and optimize travel spend without compromising traveler preferences.


User experience

Infused with artificial intelligence and inherently intuitive, Zeno a delivers a superior user experience that drives adoption rates and reduces out-of-policy bookings.


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