Zeno Customer Kim Hamer Named BTN 2022 Travel Manager of the Year

1 September 2022

Corporate travel isn’t exactly known for its innovation or its convenience to…well, anyone involved.

At Zeno, it's long been our mission to change this. To transform what business travel means for the traveler, the administrator and the travel manager. This work is important, but it would also be impossible without customers willing to make the change with us.

That’s why we’re so proud that Visa senior director of global travel and events sourcing Kim Hamer has been named Business Travel News’ 2022 Travel Manager of the Year.

Kim, a travel industry veteran who’s watched the birth and evolution of IATA’s New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) since 2012, knew she wanted to use NDC in her travel program to deliver a better experience to Visa employees.

When it came time to select a booking tool to make her vision a reality, Kim made providers give access to real Visa travelers across every region to quality-test the technology.

In the end, Kim (and her travelers) chose Zeno.

The work we’ve done and continue to do with Visa has been a product of strong collaboration with Kim’s team, United Airlines and CWT (you can read more on that in this full profile from Business Travel News).

It’s been a challenging road, but it’s the same one we’ve been willing to walk with customers since the day we started.

It’s also worth noting that Kim isn’t the first Zeno customer to win BTN’s Travel Manager of the Year. ZS Associates’ Suzanne Boyan—who’s been working in collaboration with Zeno, United Airlines and LUXE Travel Management to bring NDC bundles into her company's booking environment—also received the accolade in 2019.

Two winners in four years…are we sensing a trend?

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