Post-ticketing changes give travelers control of their itinerary

9 July 2018

Zeno is lifting the benchmark for corporate travel with an innovative new function that enables business travellers to make changes to their itineraries after they’ve bought and paid for their tickets.


According to Zeno data, 25 per cent of bookings are changed after the tickets have been issued, and they change on average 2.5 times.

To date, changes to tickets can only be made by travel agents but by enabling travellers to easily make the changes themselves through Zeno, travelers are given control over their own destinations.

The changes post-ticketing functionality is available in Zeno, and the user’s ability to make changes to their itinerary depends on the type of ticket originally purchased. Only fares that permit changes can be altered via Zeno and travelers may still incur additional airline fees for moving between flights.

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