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Passenger contact tracing now available in Zeno

12 February 2021

Times are a-changing, and it’s clear we’ve arrived at a new chapter in corporate travel. Against an increasingly fluid and evolving backdrop, it is more important than ever for the corporate travel industry to not just adapt, but innovate, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of business travelers.

Zeno is leading the way with seamless capability to support contact tracing in countries where this is mandated such as the recently introduced regulation for airlines in Australia.


How Zeno supports passenger contact tracing


To support passenger contact tracing requirements, all required personal information fields are now mandatory within the Guest Traveler booking form when making an airline booking in Zeno.

Zeno’s intuitive user interface makes this easy by pulling data from the traveler profile, and where information is incomplete, Zeno will prompt for the required data to be added before the booking can be confirmed. The same process occurs for any Guest Traveler bookings where required data fields are captured at the time of booking.

Once captured, Zeno supports sending this data to each GDS in the required standardized data format.


What are the new domestic contact tracing requirements in Australia?

The Australian Government recently announced that all Australian Domestic airlines are now required to capture the following four data fields for each passenger on a mandatory basis:

  • Passenger Name
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Postcode of Residence

Collection of this information supports contact tracing requirements designed to mitigate COVID-19 community transmission from airline passenger movements across domestic borders.


Adapting to the new normal

Zeno continues to innovate its platform to ensure it supports a safe return to travel. In addition to Passenger Contact Tracing capability, Zeno has a full suite of Covid-19 features that enable a safe and effective travel program.

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