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Our Pledge on the Use of Personal Data

27 October 2020
In 2020, the lines between professional and personal life have gotten blurred.

Instead of meeting in coffee shops, conference rooms or convention halls, you’re speaking to colleagues, clients and prospects from your own home. You’re shoving clutter out of the video frame and hoping a doorbell doesn’t ring, a dog doesn’t bark or a child doesn’t wander into the room.

With the chaos of 2020, it’s not just the meeting environments that have become less formal and less restrained — but also the conversation. How could it not with a global pandemic, a polarizing U.S. election and a rising social movement?


We get it. Lines get blurred.

But here’s a line we promise we will never blur: what constitutes proper use of your personal data.

At Serko, we know that you put your trust in us as your B2B partner and expense provider to protect your personal data and that of your employees. That’s why we ensure that Zeno’s data handling adopts best practice aligned to PCI DSS and GDPR regulations.

That means that whatever information you or your employees provide to us will be taken seriously and used only for the purposes for which it was given: to facilitate the management of your expense claims or travel arrangements.

That’s it. No direct messages containing personal manifestos, no political emails, no surprise adorable puppy GIFs (even if we think you might enjoy that last one). It’s not just a commitment we make to our Zeno customers, it’s also the law.

For more on how we ensure proper collection and use of customer data, visit our Privacy Policy page.

And if you’re interested in protecting your employees’ data, or you’ve found your provider has recently misused personal customer information — let’s talk.  



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