Zeno mobile app allows users to make travel bookings on the fly

9 July 2018

Zeno’s new mobile booking workflow uses a predictive algorithm, to streamline the process for booking a complete trip including flights and hotels down to a handful of touches.

The new capability, available across iPhone and Android, gives enterprise users the ability to book business trips on their mobile devices without needing to revert to the desktop browser or their travel administrators.

With the new capability, users can confirm travel plans on the spot, and the mobile workflow continues to apply the usual corporate booking and travel approval policies that are available in the desktop version. When travelers self-book, companies can substantially reduce the administrative overhead associated with a large majority of travel booked today.

By learning from travelers’ past booking behaviour, the app suggests to the user both flight and hotel recommendations that are best suited to the way they travel while also integrating into their overall company travel policy. This unique learning system adapts to the specifics of a traveler and is unique to companies using Zeno.

Darrin Grafton, Serko chief executive officer said “We have built an app that thinks the same way that the most advanced travel administrators think. There’s no doubt that travelers want to book themselves, but organisations have been reluctant to allow it for fear of losing control over spend.”

 “With our new predictive workflow it’s incredibly easy for users to make their own bookings whilst also complying with all of their employer’s rules and policies. It’s a win for the traveler and the employer, and we expect to see a rapid shift in bookings from the desktop to mobile over the next 12 months.”

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