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Zeno’s flight shopping experience gives travelers the ability to view and purchase seats

22 June 2022

Zeno’s consumer-like flight shopping experience gives travelers and travel bookers the flexibility to find the right airline, fare, and extras to suit their preferences, all without sacrificing any of the control you need to ensure they stay within policy.

Enhanced Seat Maps in Zeno

We recognize that many travelers have preferred seats, so one of the key features of the Zeno flight shopping experience is the availability of carrier-specific seat maps that provide travelers with the ability to view and purchase preferred seating in addition to standard free seating, both pre and post submitting the booking. This provides access to the most popular seats in the best location of the aircraft.

Not all airlines and routes provide the same seat request options, but Zeno will make it clear which option is available for the selected flight.

Where the airline and route support seat selection, the specific seats can be selected using a seat map. In some instances, the seat map will also include pre-paid seating options.

In the instance that a seat map is not available, travel bookers can still send through their preference of an aisle or window seat through as a request to the airline.


Ability to Limit Employees on a Flight

While Zeno’s flight shopping experience is intended to delight your travelers, we understand how important it is that the control and compliance are not compromised.

To minimize risk, your travel policy may limit the number of employees, or executive members, who can travel together.

To support this requirement, Zeno can be configured with thresholds for how many employees and/or VIPs can travel on a single flight and will block any bookings that exceed these limits.

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