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Cultural breaks for the business traveler

24 February 2020

Travelling for work can be exhausting; from back-to-back meetings to catching up on emails and fitting all your regular work from the office.

Regardless of whether you're crossing time zones or spending a few of days away at a different office, remaining keyed into the reason why you're on the road and finding rewards for your professional role can be difficult.

After an exhausting day, the first thing most corporate travelers want to do is relax. It's easy to stay in the hotel room glued to your TV or to treat yourself with retail therapy, but if you're going to make the most out of your time in a new country or city, here are some suggestions on what you can do.



We often forget that the destination is more than a convention hall, an office or the land of new prospects. Sightseeing, experiencing new cultures and mingling with locals is refreshing and helps create an opportunity to extend your network.


Plan a cultural evening; watch plays, musicals or orchestras. Depending on your company and the sort of impression you want to make, anything from opera, to a rock gig can be an excellent way to help everyone kick back and relax.

Art galleries and museums

Most cities have well-renowned art galleries and museums. Visit these between or after meetings to refresh your perspective and stimulate creativity.

Local culture, local flavour

Do some research on the local culture such as places to eat, stay, and modes of transportation as these are often more exciting yet economical options. Doing things like a local is a sure-fire way to gain an understanding of how they think and act. It also helps to break the ice when you know some of the local languages – and, yes, that means understanding a little of the Kiwi or Aussie slang too.


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