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Zeno now supports COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Requirements for new travel bookings

2 March 2021

As vaccinations are rolled out globally and more countries require a negative COVID-19 test for passengers prior to travel, confusion around mandated requirements remains a concern for flyers.

To address this issue, Zeno now supports COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Requirements for new travel bookings. 

The new capability uses simple to understand, uniform text and visuals to communicate testing and vaccination requirements for over 100 airlines provided by ATPCO Routehappy. This information is integrated into the Zeno booking flow and can be reviewed in Zeno's flight options at point of purchase, allowing travelers to make more informed booking decisions.

"We are living in an incredibly dynamic environment, and ATPCO’s Routehappy Content is key to Serko’s ability to help customers travel safer and smarter. With a single integration into Zeno we're able to integrate the most up to date information to stay ahead of the evolving needs of the market. The efficiencies this brings our product development teams’ is a game-changer." - Darrin Grafton, CEO

What are the current vaccine requirements for travel?

At this stage, no government explicitly requires a vaccination to enter is borders yet. However, the proactive availability of this extended dataset in Zeno via ATPCO Routehappy ensures Serko’s clients are compliant with any vaccination and border requirements as and when these change.


Coming back better

In addition to ATPCO Testing and Vaccine Requirements Content, Zeno has a comprehensive suite of Covid-19 features that enable a safer, leaner and smarter travel program built around the priorities of the new world of business travel.

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