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Booking.com alternative properties are available to book in Zeno

4 November 2021

Sometimes a hotel just doesn’t cut it.

The popularity of non-hotel properties is nothing new – and not just for leisure travelers. Business travel is also seeing a shifting demand towards alternative accommodation options that cater to a new and younger segment of business travelers’ preferences. Age aside, it’s hardly surprising that business travelers are looking for an authentic, home-away-from-home experience – particularly those that are on the road for long periods of time.

Covid-19 has also changed the playing field. Alternative properties have the benefit of providing travelers with privacy and space from other guests, not to mention contactless check-in. And the rise of the #digitalnomad is likely to continue as more workers make the switch from “working from home” to “working from anywhere”. In fact, according to Festive Road, it’s been predicted that by 2035, there will be one billion digital nomads worldwide.

Zeno gives travelers the choice of booking alternative accommodation options

Zeno pulls content from multiple providers giving travelers a high degree of choice when it comes to booking a trip. With the availability of Booking.com alternative properties in Zeno, travelers now have the benefit of being able to book a range of hotel and non-hotel accommodation options – all of which can be configured based on a company’s travel policy.

The Booking.com alternative property content includes more than 6.6 million property listings in over 220 countries and territories – more than any other competing provider. Plus, unlike other providers, travelers have peace of mind that their property booking is instantly confirmed – no more waiting around for a host to reply.

What’s an alternative property, you ask? And is it appropriate for business travel?

Booking.com have 19 alternative property types, those suitable for for business travel fall under two categories:

Hotel-like experience - Apart-hotels, Guest houses, B&Bs, Riads, Ryokans, etc.

Home-like experience - Apartments, villas, chalets, cottages, country houses, holiday homes, etc.

Unlike competing providers, these properties are high quality and designed to meet the needs of business travelers - no rooms in someone's house  or "hosted" places!

All property providers are screened by Booking.com against global sanction lists and listings are screened by machine learning models to ensure legitimacy. Travelers can also check out reviews left by peers at their organization for extra peace of mind that a property is up to scratch and suitable for work.

Keeping travelers connected

Zeno’s multi-source content engine pulls content from a range of providers, giving travelers a high degree of choice, and keeping them connected with a global marketplace of suppliers from pick-up to drop-off.

Learn more about Zeno’s global supplier marketplace.

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