Expense features

Zeno arms CFOs with intelligent technology to proactively identify and manage out of policy claims, preventing expense claim fraud and dramatically streamlining the expense administration function.

‘Always on’ corporate expense management

‘Always on’ corporate expense management

Say goodbye to the monthly expense claim grind. Employees capture receipts via the mobile app, or email receipts directly to Zeno, add a description or cost centre if needed and submit for approval there and then.


AI receipt processing

From a captured image of a receipt, Zeno’s optical character recognition extracts key data including date, vendor, amount and tax information and automatically creates and populates an expense item for the user.

Automated reconciliation

Automated reconciliation

Corporate card transactions are pulled in from your nominated bank or financial institution and matched automatically with the correct receipt, so reconciliation becomes an always-on process that's all done in a couple of minutes. 


Uber Explode

Integrated with Uber for Business

Bring your corporate spend on Uber under control. Set and apply policy controls and integrate ride data seamlessly between Uber and the Zeno expense platform.

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More features to streamline your expense function

Download the Zeno Expense feature list to understand how you can reduce the time and cost of manual expense processing and get more visibility and control over policy compliance with a flexible, scalable and powerful solution.

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Set up multiple levels of approvals, and route expense reports according to a variety of parameters. Business managers can approve items directly from an email notification, the desktop application, or via the mobile app. Escalation settings can be configured for delayed approvals.


Support corporate card, out of pocket spend, allowances, mileage and cash advance claims. Zeno Expense is flexible enough for enterprise-wide adoption, adding global offices with customised local tax law, or subsidiary companies with their own set of chartered accounts.


From the app, Zeno users can capture receipts and submit expenses, and managers can review expense claims on the go. No more hanging on to paper receipts, no more laborious expense claims, and users receive automatic status updates throughout the workflow.


Zeno’s powerful cloud processing of receipt data (OCR) for mobile and email receipts prevents data transposition errors and automated tax calculation removes the admin burden for users.


Policy controls are configurable down to the individual user level, and Zeno automatically detects out-of-policy expense items and flags them for easy identification by approvers. Duplicate expense identification flags expenses that are potentially duplicate, to catch mistakes or potential fraud before expense submission.


Zeno provides managers, approvers and finance teams with a full suite of analysis tools that help them to run their budgets more effectively, identify problem areas, and optimize expense policies.

Key product features

Expense types
  • Corporate Card
  • Out-of-pocket spend
  • Mileage claims
  • Cash advance claims
  • Allowances
Finance controls
  • Suite of expense analysis tools
  • Compatible with all ERP and Finance systems
  • Automated tax calculation (inc GST / FBT)
  • Multiple data feed capability
  • Automated foreign exchange
  • Policy breach and duplicate expense alerts
  • One-click business approval via mobile app or directly from email
  • Expenses are immediately available for managers / finance to approval
  • Multi-level approval and approval delegation controls
  • Comprehensive policy management and alerts
  • Integrated travel diary
  • Entertainment attendee capture
  • PCI DSS Level 3.2
  • Aligns to data privacy best practice
User experience
  • Real-time expense processing
  • Expense capture, submission and approval from mobile
  • AI receipt processing and data extraction (OCR)
  • Email receipts for processing
  • Pre-population of corporate card items with coding + enhanced data
  • Drag & drop expense items
  • Email notifications
  • Multi-language capability

Plays nicely with your other systems

Zeno can integrate with most corporate card providers and can ingest or share data with your HR, ERP, Accounting or Finance Management System to reduce manual workflows and improve data integrity.

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