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Qantas Distribution Platform

Serko has integrated with Qantas’ next-generation distribution platform. This means that travel bookers using Zeno, can book a wider range of Qantas products and services including special fares for Qantas Frequent Flyers, a variety of ancillary products, and improved functionality across Qantas bookings.

The Qantas Distribution Platform is a key part of Qantas’ broader digital evolution, and an important step in the delivery of the best possible experience for travel agents and business travellers.

Key benefits and features

Serko has partnered with the Qantas Distribution Platform for sourcing, booking and management of Qantas Airlines NDC content in Zeno. This integration allows travel bookers to:

  • Shop and book Qantas NDC sector (one-way) fares

  • Display Qantas branded fares in Zeno

  • Book and ticket flight reservations instantly via credit card payment

  • Change a flight post-ticketing 

  • The ability to send booking data to Tramada

  • The ability to sync involuntary airline changes back to Zeno (flight changes and cancellations)

  • Shop corporate private fare codes

  • Shop NDC promotional offers for Qantas frequent flyers

  • Shop from a seat map using a traveller’s frequent flyer number

  • The ability to display status credits and loyalty points applicable for a fare

NDC offering and API comparison

Carriers currently available in ZENO via Qantas Distribution Platform

Set up

To set up and activate Qantas Distribution Platform please login to the Zeno Support Centre below


To see Qantas Distribution Platform’s standard rates and fees please login to the Zeno Support Centre below

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